Herpes on Tongue Can Be More Than a Cosmetic Issue

Herpes on tongue is one of the most disturbing conditions. Despite this, most people view it as something ‘normal’, simply because a lot of people are infected with the HSV virus. The fact that a lot of people have it doesn’t make it normal. As you are about to learn, herpes can do a lot of damage to your body, and the problem is not only cosmetic. The herpes virus will always affect internal organs. Rarely it can affect the brain, which leads to the condition herpes encephalitis. There are three distinct types of the herpes virus and all of them can cause problems in the body.

How to permanently eliminate oral herpes and cold sores:

The exact procedure for eliminating your cold sores and herpes infection permanently is described here. This simple method works by eliminating the root cause of a HSV-1/2/3 infection. Once you eliminate the underlying cause, which makes your body a suitable environment for the virus, the herpes infection will immediately subside and you will never experience another herpes outbreak again. The treatment is designed to both get rid of your cold sores immediately and prevent any future ones from occurring.
Herpes on tongue

Is tongue herpes curable or not?

Now we can say for sure that it is completely curable. Until 2010 we believed that it was incurable – it is a virus, which your body cannot eliminate, because it doesn’t recognize it. Now we know this to be untrue – herpes can be eliminated very easily, provided that you follow a few simple steps. Curing herpes does not involve taking drugs or using creams and gels. All of those methods of treatment are designed to quickly reduce the symptoms of a herpes outbreak. They do absolutely nothing when it comes to flushing the virus out of your system.

The symptoms of a tongue herpes outbreak can range from mildly discomforting to extremely uncomfortable. Regardless of that, the basic underlying problem is there. In the past, we thought that herpes is a virus, which stays in your body after you have ‘contracted’ it from somebody else. Now we know things are very different. Herpes is just like Candida – it is everywhere, and if your body is suitable for the virus, it will infect you and cause occasional outbreaks. It will also damage several internal organs, including the heart.

What we are talking about here is not strengthening your immune system – there is a simple and very efficient way to completely cure herpes and make sure it never comes into your body again. That is done by giving your body something it lacks. Most people don’t have herpes, despite the fact that it’s everywhere. Contracting herpes is not just done through saliva or blood contact, it can happen completely randomly. Despite that fact, the majority of people will never experience herpes outbreaks.

Years ago, we thought that was because their immune system was stronger and it didn’t allow any outbreaks of oral herpes or herpes on the tongue. That’s not true – they don’t even have the virus in their system, because their body recognizes it as such and eliminates it. We’ll get to that in a minute.

How dangerous is herpes on tongue?

Herpes can easily be labeled ‘the silent killer’. It is not actually deadly, but it can be the cause of a lot of the conditions we didn’t know the cause of – like cancer, fibromyalgia and multiple sclerosis. If you think this is a bold statement, think again. You probably know how viruses work, because you have studied this in biology class in high school – they attach themselves to a living cell and make the cell produce viruses. They do that through injecting different DNA in your healthy cells. Needless to say, this can cause problems.

The symptoms of a herpes infection are externally seen only a few times a month at most. We call that a herpes outbreak. What a few people know is that herpes usually infects internal organs. This can present itself as countless conditions, which may seem random – like brain fog, tiredness, headaches and a lot more. That’s why if you have herpes on tongue, it’s very important to treat it properly, so that it is permanently eliminated from your body.